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PIONIX presents:
Simplifying e-mobility infrastructure

Our open source software stack EVerest is the ultimate solution to improve, optimize, and unify electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It is our answer to the incompatibility between different charging systems for electric vehicles.

EVerest is the first freely accessible and holistic solution for the booming market of e-mobility.

It revolutionizes the inconsistent landscape of e-charging infrastructure. Automobile manufacturers, developers and operators of commercial charging systems, energy providers and private wallbox users all benefit from our system.

What we offer
Everything you need to know about our ecosystem
Open-source "end-to-end" Software
Largest featureset, best standard conformity, available for everyone
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  • Commercially usable MIT-Licence
  • Establishing a broad global community: industry and research for SW development
  • PIONIX GmbH leads efforts
Runs best on our boards
Highly integrated core functionality, easily extendable, pre-certified, small, affordable
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  • Low-Level (closed source):
  • Measuring, Safety, Switching, Signaling
  • High-Level
  • Internet, Payment, Display, Custom-Extensions
One-stop-shop for having timely updates and patches
Pay per sold EV-charger unit and Setup-fee
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  • Bugfixes
  • Package Building
  • Update Hosting & Fleet management
Place to go for getting extensions
We will be the best on extending this software stack, we will manage open source community contributions
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  • Special Charger Hardware integration
  • Adoption to special (new) car features
  • Grid integration
  • Cloud integration
  • Custom Look & Feel etc.
Managing Energy and Charging Cars with Open Source
With EVerest, PIONIX leads an open source ecosystem around electromobility and offers commercial services and hardware modules for this purpose
Because we can

Every PIONIX team member has extensive experience in a wide range of technology industries. Together, we are

One of our success stories: We designed, manufactured, and scaled an industry-leading commercial drone system in our previous startup, MAVinci, which was successfully acquired by Intel Corporation in 2016. With MAVinci, we developed all hardware and software, and set the international benchmark for drone survey accuracy.

Today, we are focusing our 12 years of experience and the efforts of our diverse team on the rapid development of EVerest.



Johanna Claussen

MSc. Physik

„Success is made from the scratch - Loss as well! To combine creativity and innovation fascinates me, channeling those in strategic approaches the right way is what makes the difference.“

>> Product & Company Strategy

Founder: MAVinci, Pionier-Manufaktur

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The PIONIX family currently consists out of 11 members that are working on SW and HW development and business scaling and we are rapidly growing. In the broader family PIONIX is collaborating with several partners like development specialists, industrial players and tech communities.

E-mobility needs

EVerest accelerates innovation, creates uniformity and reliability, defines technological standards, and enables compatibility.

EVerest, our e-mobility ecosystem, enables global standardization and closes all previous gaps within charging infrastructure. To support our customers, we also offer commercial services and hardware modules. For the automotive and related industries - and for investors and buyers - EVerest strongly tips the scale in favor of e-mobility.

EVerest sets technology standards for the industry of the future

EVerest is a powerful, user-centric, one-stop solution and end-to-end open-source software stack. Our ecosystem provides the e-mobility industry - from manufacturers to consumers - with both software and hardware as needed.

Everyone benefits from the cumulative expertise of our growing community, which enables all stakeholders to easily network and collaborate within a single solution.